Tiffin carriers are lunch boxes used widely in Asia and the Caribbean for carrying meals. Tiffin carriers originated from India, they have become popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore where they are now widely used.

The carriers usually come with two or three tiers, although more elaborate versions can have four tiers. Tiffin carriers are opened by unlocking a small catch on either side of the handle. Tiffin carriers are generally made of stainless steel and sometimes of aluminum, but enamel and melamine material are becoming popular too.

At Art Tree, we can create single tier, 2-tier, 3-tier or even 4-tier tiffin carriers according to the customers’ needs. Besides creating what customer needs, Art Tree also design and produce limited in-house tiffin carriers.

Our limited-edition tiffin carriers for the year of 2022 come with 3 exclusive designs -  Floral, Peranakan, and Geometric pattern. Each design comes with a matching Neoprene Bag which you can use it to carry the tiffin carrier or you could use it as your everyday bag.

Tiffin carrier with neoprene bag

This tiffin carrier is constructed of double-wall 304 stainless steel which is food-grade safe. With double wall, you will be able to keep the contents warm or cool up to 4 hours and yet it will not scald your hands.

The finishing of the lid and handle are electroplated in rose gold which provide an elegant and stylish look.

We believe everyone appreciate beautiful and functional things. At Art Tree, we are able to transform your idea into real life creations, and to transform the impossible to possible.

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